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Polish findspot coordinates
06-11-2016, 18: 44
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Polish findspot coordinates

Can anyone answer a question for me please?

Does Poland have an official find recording system? When you record a find, what findspot coordinates are asked for? For in example, in the UK we have the national grid reference system. It is a lot more precise than long/lat and more useful to archaeologists.

The reason I ask is because I am just working on adding optional coordinate formats to my metal detectorists app Tect O Trak. Some of you will already know the app as it has quite a few Polish users, which is why I thought i should include Poland Uśmiech

Also to any other country reading this post. If you want your countries national coordinate system included tell me Uśmiech


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06-11-2016, 19: 56 (Ten post był ostatnio modyfikowany: 06-11-2016 20: 13 przez stan.)
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RE: Polish findspot coordinates
So I have a frame of reference for Polish is currently the "Coordinate System 2000. (Państwowy Układ Współrzędnych Geodezyjnych 2000, PL-2000[1])

If I understood the question

Link to details >> http://www.gisplay.pl/geodezja/uklady-ws...dnych.html and >> http://www.syryjczyk.krakow.pl/Mapy_Polskie_GPS.htm
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07-11-2016, 21: 33
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RE: Polish findspot coordinates
Information about discovered archeological sites is marked on maps with 1:25000 and 1:10000 scale and it is also put onto unified record cards (Karta Ewidencji Stanowiska Archeologicznego – I’m not sure, if there is a straight English equivalent to this name, but it can be roughly translated as Archeological Site Record Card)

In recent years, archeological sites have been inserted into computer database and have been shared using Geographic Information System (GIS) on 1:5000 scale maps. This information is classified and accessible only by archaeologists and construction engineers, searchers cannot have an acess to this data.

On the topic of coordinates: I spoke with archaeologist earlier today and according to that conversation, your currently used format is fine by Polish standards. Archaeologists are now in the middle of a proces of migrating to this coordinates format anyway, due to ongoing transition to GIS.
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